Buying A Second Hand or Used Car in Mauritius? Some Tips For You!

Buying a second-hand car in Mauritius may seem like a good idea, especially because it can take thousands of Rs off your initial costs. But even though it might seem beneficial to your wallet, purchasing a second-hand car may not be all its cracked up to be. Beside offering  a modern platform for vehicles trading in Mauritius, we also care about our users and before you walk the lot and sell your soul to the nearest salesman with a plastic smile, consider the following advice when purchasing a 2nd hand car.
Used cars Mauritius

Never judge a book by its cover

A used car on a sales lot is going to look almost brand-new. Don’t be fooled; car shops have all the expensive equipment it takes to turn a lemon into an orange. Just because the car you have your eye on looks fantastic, don’t assume it hasn’t seen its fair share of crashes. After all, you have to ask yourself (and the dealer) “Why was this car traded in?” A good warning sign is a difference in paint color. A car that is shiny all over except for a duller area on the back end, likely has had some body work. This doesn’t mean it won’t be an excellent car, but it does mean you need to ask about its history.

Never buy a car without having it inspected

Some people are comfortable purchasing a car from their neighbor, but while most second-hand dealers offer limited warrantees, your neighbor can offer nothing along those lines. Even though you might sign an agreement, keep in mind legal troubles with a non-professional can be costly and can ruin relationships. Only purchase a car from a private owner if you can verify with a service garage the vehicle has been regularly maintained.

Never transfer money

Money should never transfer between hands unless a certified lending company is in the mix. This insures your purchase within reason, and prevents you from getting your car home and having it fall apart in your driveway. If you cannot have a lending company to join in, proceed with the transaction in a local bank and work with bank drafts instead of cash.

Remember you are going to have problems

Let’s face it, someone traded in their car for a reason, be it too many miles or too much mechanical trouble. Either way, before you purchase a second-hand car, you need to come to terms with the fact it is going to need more maintenance than a new car. When it breaks down on the side of the road 6 months later, don’t blame the dealer, blame the fact that you bought a used car; you knew what you were getting into. Sadly, many second-hand cars turn out to cost more than their worth in repairs.

While the above advice might make purchasing a second-hand car scary, there are many people out there who swear by owning used vehicles. If you’re handy with a wrench and don’t mind getting a little dirty from time to time, own a second-hand care can be a wise investment. It is not the ideal purchase for someone who needs reliable transportation or is responsible for shuttling other individuals back and forth.

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