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What Is A Hybrid Car System?

hybrid car

A hybrid car is one that runs on two types of power sources: two technologies have been merged in the system. The power demand is shared by the two sources, with one being the main source and the other a back-up system, or at other times, the two can be used alternately depending on the… Read more »

What is Power Steering? – How Does It Work?

power steering

Power steering is a mechanism put together to allow drivers to steer their vehicles. Mostly, the power steering system works on a hydraulic system that provides the power to turn the wheels of the vehicles. The majority of cars nowadays include the power steering that can exist in two types. Two types of power steering… Read more »

What Is A Power Steering Fluid & What Is It Used For?

power steering fluid

What is power steering fluid? Power steering fluid is a hydraulic liquid that is used as medium through which power is transmitted in the steering system of a vehicle. Its main aim is to convey power when put under pressure. The vehicle is thus made easier to control. The fluid does more than transferring power… Read more »

Leaded Gasoline And Its Environmental Impact

leaded gasoline

What is leaded gasoline? Leaded gasoline is more commonly known as petrol; it is a liquid derived from petroleum. Its distinguishable feature is the chemical element it contains as additive known as tetraethyl lead. So, basically, leaded gasoline is normal gasoline (petrol) with the additive tetraethyl lead. With time, as evidence of its negative impacts… Read more »

What is Motor Oil and How Does it Work?

motor oil cars

When it comes to keeping your vehicle running, there are a handful of things which ranks on the most-important list. In the number one spot on that line-up is motor oil, the amber liquid which keeps your car’s moving parts doing what they were designed to do. The reason motor oil is so important, is… Read more »

Buying A Second Hand or Used Car in Mauritius? Some Tips For You!

Used cars Mauritius

Buying a second-hand car in Mauritius may seem like a good idea, especially because it can take thousands of Rs off your initial costs. But even though it might seem beneficial to your wallet, purchasing a second-hand car may not be all its cracked up to be. Beside offering  a modern platform for vehicles trading… Read more »