What Is A Hybrid Car System?

A hybrid car is one that runs on two types of power sources: two technologies have been merged in the system. The power demand is shared by the two sources, with one being the main source and the other a back-up system, or at other times, the two can be used alternately depending on the conditions. For instance, hybrid cars can incorporate petrol engines and electric motors; a hybrid vehicle can also have a traditional petrol engine (for example, gasoline) with a set of batteries.

hybrid car

It is to be noted that some hybrids use more than two sources of power as well. A plethora of power sources are available, such as:

  1. Solid fuel: wood, coal
  2. Electricity
  3. Radio waves
  4. Electric battery
  5. Hydrogen
  6. Petrol
  7. Solar power
  8. Wind
  9. Diesel

Hybrid cars differ in the way they operate. Most of them are known to be powered by a gas engine, with a bank of batteries saved. Others charge the batteries by means of a regenerated energy tapped through braking.

The alternate and selective use of the power sources might fluctuate as follows:-

If not much pressure is to be put on the engine – in conditions of minimal demand on the latter – battery power is the ideal, and likewise, in circumstances where the engine has to work its best, the main source to be used with be the other one.

Hybrid cars are extremely common nowadays. Most cars are known to have their headlights powered by car batteries, with another power source to run them. Using a combination of both technologies is deemed more advantageous in most cases, in terms of energy demands.

Is the hybrid car considered to be better?

A hybrid car functions on more than one power source and this makes of it more gas efficient. In turn, costs relating to the car maintenance decreased by a considerable amount. It is reported that hybrid cars have a gas efficiency twice that of gasoline-only cars. As a consequence, hybrid cars are also less polluting since they use relatively less gas than those cars depending on only one source. Less fuel is burn, making hybrid cars greener.

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